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Not: “One for all”, but: “Everyone’s own” form of therapy. Finding what works for what you need. Psychotherapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Coaching and NLP in London, Sussex, Essex and online throughout the UK. Here when you need me.

Haych Phoenix, Hyp.D, NLP Master, Psy.D, Counsellor, Coach

My training over 25 years has come from many schools and allows me to uniquely combine my skills and experience to create solutions as individual as you are.

Online therapy is a simple, safe method to experience flexible psychological support regardless of location. I support you in finding individual solutions, for example in the event of conflicts, overload or after life events. Or when you would like someone to accompany you in difficult phases of life, when you have reached your limit and it is difficult to name specific triggers.

Face to face consultations are also available in East / West Sussex, Essex and London. Mobile therapy that comes to you! Or in one of my 3 treatment rooms.

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Integrated Therapy, Creating Your Toolbox

The integrated therapy is a humanistic therapy. Its representatives believe that humans can actively participate in their development and are not at the mercy of unconscious, inner-psychological mechanisms.

It means if you’re stuck in a state, or on a hamster wheel, dealing with worry, stress, lack of focus or experiencing anger, fear (phobias) or similar (see the list of issues I can help with). Then Integrated Therapy can and does help. I don’t rely on only one way to help, we use different ways that are tailored to you.


Psychotherapy helps you face the difficult situations that you are immersed in that seem overwhelming and weakening for you. It will help you find a way out and free yourself from discomfort and be able to have a more satisfying life. This does not mean that the purpose of Psychotherapy is to completely eliminate the discomfort or pain in life but to remove the suffering that comes from the impotence or inability to face problems properly. Learn More.


During counselling sessions, you and your counsellor will work together to understand and solve the problems that you’re facing. You will be given guidance and support without facing any judgement so you can live a better life and be able to manage and adjust to adversities in the right way. Different aspects of your life are addressed such as your emotions, work, physical health, social life, school, and even family for you to have a better approach in all of them. Learn More


During Hypnotherapy, you are placed in altered states of consciousness, relaxation, daydreaming, or deep meditation where your senses (smell, hearing, taste, touch, and sight) are temporarily disconnected and communication with the inner world, or subconscious mind, is facilitated. With this, you can go deep into your mind and discover the origin of some major issues in your life and discover the solutions for it for you to live a better life. Learn More

Couple Counselling / Therapy

Couples therapy is a psychological intervention aimed at helping couples who are in conflict or those who are going through a crisis to resolve their differences and to regain a happy coexistence. In some cases, thanks to this therapy, couples can have more insights about each other and use it to make better decisions, especially about their relationship. They will develop skills to communicate with each other better and respect and support each other in times of problems and tough times. Learn More

Life Coaching & Life Purpose

Life coaching can help you achieve your goals, overcome your fears, and face different obstacles so that you can make a positive change in your life. You will have a life coach that works with you as a partner in the journey of your transformation always with the idea that you have the answers within yourself and have everything that you need to achieve the things that you always wanted. Learn More

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Anxiety, stress, and depression are issues that affect a lot of people nowadays, and if these feelings are not understood properly, they can leave us feeling helpless and alone. Sharing your emotions openly to a Psychotherapist can be the road to your recovery. It can help you find effective ways of dealing with the things that trigger your negative emotions and will encourage you to pursue a more optimistic approach towards them. Learn More

Grief & Bereavement

Feeling grief over losing someone you cherish is something that’s normal in all of us and everyone grieves in their own way, some recover earlier and others later. Sometimes, grief can be accompanied by other feelings such as depression and anxiety which is why managing them properly is very important. Having someone to support you throughout the process of grievance can help address your feelings and memories properly and hopefully be on your way to acceptance and healing. Learn More.

Anger Management

When anger becomes out of control, it disturbs us in our interpersonal relationships and in the other important aspects of our lives. Anger is a feeling that cannot be eliminated but if it is approached with the right attitude and with proper management, it will not affect your life irreversibly and you will feel much better in a positive way. Anger management sessions can help you develop strategies that are necessary to change your thoughts patterns and behaviour in order to better deal with any anger issues that you have. Learn More

Fears & Phobias

Living with fears and phobias can cause great distress to people especially when they’re immersed in a situation where they have to face the object of their fear. Avoidance is usually the solution for this but it’s not always effective. This is why Psychotherapy for fears and phobias can greatly help. It can slowly eliminate the feeling of fear towards something by helping you change the way you think about it. There are even strategies for very rapid relief. Learn More

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