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Haych Phoenix, Psy.D, Hyp.D, NLP Master, Counsellor, Life Change Coach

Haych Therapist


  • NLP Trainer
  • NLP Master Trainer
  • Hypnotherapist Dip
  • Certified Counsellor
  • REBT (Psychotherapy) Accredited
  • Life & Intervention Coach (Tony Robbins RMT)


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You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

You feel like you can’t live your life the way you want to. Sometimes you don’t really know who you are and you feel the urge to want to find yourself. And your thoughts – they circle. All the time. About yourself. About life. You have the feeling that the voice “inside” never stops. You feel exhausted. Often you wish you had a switch to easily change these thoughts or turn them off altogether.

It has been going on for years – maybe for decades. You may find yourself feeling totally crazy or lost with what you’ve had to deal with so far. You often feel that you are not understood by friends and family. And you feel like you like you’re on your own, trying to cope or make sense of things.

Regardless of whether you have problems in your partnership, with your children, at work or in other areas of your life: You have now reached a point where you say: “It can’t go on like this.” You want to get off this hamster wheel and finally feel alive again.

Sound familiar? You are not alone.

My Background

It is never easy to reveal your innermost being to someone else. I know that. Even if you are currently feeling bad, you are not wrong.

My work is based on my training in Psychotherapy like REBT, counselling, life coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy.  I work with various therapeutic methods to create a solution focused therapy to help. Each session is designed and tailored to you and your experiences.

The reason for the many negative thoughts and difficult situations is that you are struggling to cope with changes and events but I will never criticise or judge you for anything. Nor will I give advice that you are uncomfortable with.

Free Intial Consultation

You can get a first impression of me in this non-binding conversation. Simply contact me and briefly describe your request. You can reach me by phone, email or WhatsApp.

In the 20-minute phone call, we can discuss your current situation and whether and what support I can offer you. Then you can  decide whether you want to work with me.

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