Couples Counselling

Whatever your relationship status is, whether it’s single, married, in a relationship, or “it’s complicated” and however you may want to identify yourself be it straight or not, Integrated Therapy is here to help you.

Relationship Counselling 

Integrated Therapy has years of experience when it comes to dealing with people of different backgrounds and relationship statuses. We have trained counsellors that are prepared to help you when it comes to dealing with the issues and concerns in your relationships.

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The purpose of Psychotherapy is to set people free. A quote by Rollo May. This for me embodies why psychotherapy offers so many routes to helping us take control of our minds and our lives.
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What Is Relationship Counselling?

A couple or relationship counselling is a type of counselling where there is no judgement and you will be supported for in navigating through the different experiences in your relationship. Along with your counsellor, you will be able to figure out the things that are causing or can potentially cause issues in your relationship.

You will be going through different sessions and how many of them will depend on the things that you want to resolve or discuss regarding your relationship. It’s different for each and everyone; for some, it will take only a few sessions and for some, it will take longer. You don’t need to worry though on how long it will take for you, it’s a process that shouldn’t be rushed and it’s sure to improve your relationship in the long run.

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Goals Of Couples Counselling

  • Reduce or eliminate problems that can potentially result in psychological trauma.
  • Promote a healthier relationship by weighing the expectations of each person.
  • Promote active listening and healthy dialogue from negative feelings, resentments, or hidden feelings.
  • Achieve mutual responsibility in order to avoid placing oneself in the position of a victim.
  • Encourage gradual changes in daily coexistence and reach a mutual agreement when it comes to things such as money management, disciplining children, etc.
  • Contribute to the growth and not to the destruction of the relationship.
  • Generate ways to get out of problems in a positive and achievable way.
  • Become more open and learn new ways of communicating one’s feelings without having to display a negative attitude.

Couples Counselling Details

Couples counselling is also called couple therapy, partnership counselling or marriage counselling. There are many different terms but it’s all about the same thing. Any couple counselling is about the relationship between the partners. The relationship is, so to speak, the “patient”, since the partners no longer feel comfortable in it. The counselling is about communication problems, permanent conflicts, arguments and injuries from which both partners suffer and which they cannot solve on their own. 

Improvement through counselling means either that the relationship will develop in a way that is both comfortable for both of you, or that the relationship will end in a good way.

There are typical life transitions in longer relationships that have to be dealt with together and can lead to crises: moving in together for the first time, the birth of the first child, the children becoming independent, the “empty nest”, the beginning of retirement, etc. The transition from one phase to the next is on the one hand exciting On the other hand, it is almost always associated with painful goodbyes and causes fears. Both partners have to keep developing. It is not possible to restore a previous state – even if couples often want it. It can happen that one partner manages the transition to the next phase well, while it is very difficult for the other or she / he simply takes longer. Then both have developed apart and have to find their way back to each other if they don’t want to part.

How can Couples Counselling help?

Relationship counselling can help with many relationship problems, for example:

  • when you can’t really talk to each other anymore.
  • if you have lost interest in life together or your sexuality,
  • if you want to understand what’s between you or what’s going wrong,
  • if you keep having the same problems and conflicts with each other,
  • if you have a hard time together but don’t want to break up,
  • if you want to clarify whether your love still has a chance,
  • if you want to (re) discover what still connects you today, etc.

Often it is about external relations and lost trust, about lost lust or faded love, about dealing with differences from character to values. Or it is about the influence of third parties who make it difficult to be a couple (from in-laws to ex-friends to lovers).

Relationship Counselling Resources

Here are some links to more information on the Couples counselling services I provide and more detailed articles.

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