Goodbye Cough, Farewell Nasty Smell: Quit Smoking Through Hypnosis

Can hypnosis end smoking, or rather, the desire for the next cigarette? The answer depends on you.

Do you want to become a non-smoker?
Then it reads: Yes, with hypnotherapy you can quit smoking.

Are there relatives, friends, neighbours or colleagues who want you to finally become a non-smoker? Are you convinced yourself that you can never quit smoking because?

  • You lack willpower?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable without a cigarette in certain situations?
  • Do you think it is better to keep smoking than to be constantly quitting?
  • Do you find people ridiculous who are too weak to implement a decision without aids such as nicotine patches or hypnosis?

Because you mean: either I can do it alone or not at all?

Quit smoking through hypnosis and focus on positive feelings and minds

Are you convinced that you should “actually” manage to quit smoking without aids? Then experienced hypnotists generally agree with you in practice. Only you can stop smoking. Nothing and no one can make this decision for you, not even a hypnosis practice with a high success rate.

However, you should reconsider your view on that

  • as a passionate smoker, you may lack willpower,
  • it is ridiculous to seek help from recognized methods and quit smoking in a hypnosis session.

Because what we call “willpower” is often grossly overestimated. Willpower does not fall from the sky. It’s not just there. Willpower grows with every task we successfully tackle. But willpower isn’t even required if you can

  • Let go of negative thoughts and attitudes about smoking cessation.
  • Concentrate on the positive in your goal setting as part of a hypnosis treatment.

Hypnotherapy is not about quitting smoking “for the devil”. Instead, learn to indulge your desire for a smoke-free, healthy, and carefree life.

Or do you need willpower

  • when you cook something delicious?
  • if you pursue a hobby that you enjoy?
  • when you treat yourself to rest or a treat?
  • if you are too tired, too cold, too busy or too happy to smoke and therefore stop smoking without realising it?

Whoever does what he wants anyway doesn’t need willpower. So, let go of your fears and instead get the support you need to become smoke free. And through a process in which you become a non-smoker

  • without deprivation and withdrawal symptoms,
  • without weight gain,
  • without annoying side effects.

Because instead of fighting against yourself, you feel and sense your desire to finally stop smoking – through hypnotherapy and every emotional area that can be addressed in this way. Isn’t that worth trying?

Stop smoking? Nothing easier than this!

Because You Are Worth It: Non-Smokers Immediately!

Perhaps you have already thought: From today on I will no longer smoke. And relapsed after just a few hours or days. Then you will know for yourself: the decision is necessary, but not enough on its own. Conversely, deep hypnosis can only help you if you are ready to quit smoking yourself. Because no suggestion from a hypnotist is stronger than your own beliefs.

woman and stop smoking cigarette (focus on face)

Unfortunately, most people tend to develop negative beliefs about themselves over the course of their lives. From early childhood, we hear statements and questions like

  • Don’t do that, you can’t.
  • You are just too clumsy!
  • Can’t you do better
  • What have you been doing now?
  • My goodness, it can’t be that difficult …

We are judged, compared or even made ridiculous. Even if we come out of it somewhat unscathed – we unconsciously adopt patterns that lead us to believe that we shouldn’t trust ourselves too much.

The moment you trust yourself to do something unusual, these voices speak up. You determine your thoughts, feelings and behavior patterns.

  • Is it really necessary to quit smoking completely? Couldn’t I become a pleasure smoker?
  • Is it worth the fight if it makes me nervous and fat?
  • Why should I take it now if I can’t do it anyway and smoke again next week?

There are other motives behind these negative and skeptical thoughts. Because ultimately there is one crucial question:

Am I really worth it to make so much fuss about myself, about my feelings and needs?
Or to put it another way: Do I have to endure my life or can I change something so that I become happier in the long term?

In our non-smoking seminar on smoking cessation you will learn

  • Perceiving your own behaviour, thoughts and emotions.
  • Define positive thoughts and goals.
  • To improve your self-image and thus stand up for your right to lead a self-determined life – without dependency and addiction.
  • Not to fight against, but for yourself.
  • Relaxation techniques to help you easily cope with critical situations in smoking cessation.

Smoking cessation through hypnosis works when you are seriously determined and trust your hypnotherapist. On this basis we can work well together together. And you will be surprised to find that it is actually quite easy to leave your cigarettes lying around to do nicer things.

Our time: 4:48am UTC