Executive Coaching

The loneliness of the leader is a reality. This leader , whose role is to make decisions constantly, must, in a world of constant and growing change, constantly adapt.

To do this, they must master the art of human relations , because their success necessarily depends on the performance , understanding, dynamism and involvement of the team .

Executive coaching is an invitation to identify the skills required, and help the client to discover and deploy all the resources that they can use to take action.

Some examples of intervention situations:

  • Develop great personal mastery
  • Understand your mental processes
  • Master the levers of motivation
  • Supporting change during mergers and acquisitions
  • Thinking systemically
  • Give meaning
  • Help with decision making
  • Study the notion of authority
  • Clarify roles and missions
  • Mastering intercultural management , in diversity
  • Develop your emotional intelligence
  • Develop the art of communication

What are the effects?

  • Vision clarification
  • Refining the mission
  • Clearly establish values
  • Establishes a balance between the right brain and the left brain either
    • The intuition and the ability to analyse
    • The emotional and the rational
    • Personal and professional life
  • Harmonizes life skills and know-how to inspire a leadership indisputableLeadership Coaching

Manager coaching

In a constantly changing world , rely on what works to sublimate it and develop our strengths , rather than just countering weaknesses

This will therefore be organised around:

  • Development of new skills
  • From the analysis of mental processes
  • An audit of strong values ​​that inspire and motivate teams
  • Leadership development to fully exercise it

The result: An increased well-being which induces an increase in performance via a positive and constructive approach

Area of ​​specialisation:

  • Coaching of transition : taking a new position of new features , new challenge
  • Coaching for Leadership : managing emotions , the conflicts , excel in communication , understand the charisma , boost motivation
  • Coaching to support : revisiting the different roles and solidify skills for continuous improvement

Team coaching

The coaching of team is accompanying a group of individuals from the same company who have a common goal in a constantly changing environment.

It is about building a shared value from individual values , learning to think , act, interact in a systemic way .

The key words of team coaching :

  • Respect
  • Relationship of trust
  • Effective communication
  • Co-creation
  • Synergy
  • Alliance of know-how and expertise be respective
  • Collective intelligence

Tangible results: Cohesion and efficiency

Team Coaching

Coaching for entrepreneurs and business start-ups

During the start-up phase, the entrepreneur or even the new entrepreneur faces many difficulties. Among others:

  • Managing multiple hats or roles such as marketing or social relations , product development, the manufacture of the latter, management administration , the management of teams and / or partnership
  • The discovery of a sometimes unknown universe which requires the development of new skills
  • Managing doubt and stress linked to financial instability
  • The management of time between all these different roles or different identities, and also of work-family time
  • The incomprehension of the environment, of the entourage
  • the loneliness
  • The management of motivation , his own but also that of those who believe and who accompany this great adventure

The results of business start-up coaching :

  • Clarification of the corporate vision and mission
  • Updating of values and guiding needs
  • Clarification and planning of objectives to short, medium and long terms
  • Learning to manage emotions
  • Development of leadership , the charisma
  • Motivation mobilisation
  • Mastery of influence communication and win-win relationship
  • Control of the decision-making process
  • Development of intuitive intelligence
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