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Going through life coaching sessions can help you become a better person and achieve your goals in life. It can help you use your talents and abilities so that you can unleash your potential and become successful in all you do.

Life Coaching Services

Integrated Therapy offers life coaching sessions to help you in areas that you need to improve in such as your career, relationship, work, health, decisions, and the likes. Our therapists are always ready to assist you so that you can make the necessary changes in your life and soon you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals and making wiser choices.

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The distance between reallity and dreams is called ACTION.  That’s where a life coach can help you create a plan to close that gap.

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Life Coaching, Personal & Executive

I use Intergrated Therapy, the clue is in the name of the business. This means I utilise a toolbox of skills that means I can develop therapy that is THE most relevant for your needs. Using both traditional clinical hypnotherapy and Rapid Transform Hypnosis as needed to get you the very best results.

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Life coaching and executive coaching (or professional coaching) sessions concern:

  • all  areas of life  that the client agrees to address
  • all people  regardless of their training, social background, age….
  • all sectors  of professional activity

They last  one hour minimum .

At the end of the first session, a support  agreement  is given to the client, with a  recommendation in number of hours .

There is no minimum number of hours imposed but it is recommended to commit to a number of hours in order to mark your progress.

Hypnotherapy FAQs

When can a life coach or executive coach help?


  • To be more assertive and have better self-esteem
  • To better manage you over time
  • To learn to say no, to set limits
  • To find a job faster
  • To no longer flee from conflicts
  • To learn more about your personality type
  • To regain confidence in you
  • To overcome your shyness
  • To dare to speak in public
  • To better manage stress and emotions
  • To make decisions more easily ……


  • So that your employees manage better over time
  • To facilitate integration into new positions
  • To facilitate decision-making
  • For your managers to assert their leadership
  • To improve the performance of your teams

All About Life Coaching

Here is my own definition of life coaching: “Life coaching is support for change which consists of empowering clients to achieve their goals and solve their personal and professional problems. ” Unlike therapy , coaching does not look back on the past, but deals with the here and now. Another difference with therapy: coaching answers the question: “How to do otherwise to get better?” And not to the question “Why am I not doing well?” “

There are several forms of coaching (and therefore several profiles of coaches with multiple skills):

  • Life Coaching which is aimed at individuals. It is called life coaching because it affects the 5 areas of the coachee’s life: family life, professional life, couple life, life linked to personal development, social life
  • Executive (professional or career) Coaching which is aimed at individuals (people undergoing professional retraining, job seekers, people taking up a position, etc.) or companies.

To help my clients, and facilitate changes, I listen to them, ask them the right questions, and they find the right answers in them.

In summary, here is the commonly accepted definition of coaching:  Coaching is a very effective method of accompanying change which is defined as a relationship followed, in a defined period, which allows the client to obtain concrete and measurable results in his professional and personal life. Through this coaching process, the client deepens his knowledge and improves his performance.

Warning: do not confuse “life coach” and “happiness expert”, guide or, even worse,… .guru.

A life coach and / orexecutive coach  is not this.  In coaching, the client is a stakeholder in his success.  You are solely responsible for the decisions you make. The desire for change on the part of the client is therefore essential.

Now that you know the definition of coaching, do you need to learn how to recognize effective coaching?

  • Effective coaching will be led by a professional and personal coach.
  • Effective coaching will take place within a framework of professionalism, confidentiality, ethics
  • Effective coaching will quickly succeed in boosting energies and facilitating changes
  • The first results will be quickly measurable.

Life Coaching Resources

Here are some links to more information on the Life Coaching services I provide and more detailed articles.

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Virtual Life Coaching

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