Every married couple has the capability to improve their relationship, overcome any problems, and decide to seek necessary guidance that will help them understand how to solve problems effectively. In this article, we’ll be talking about the four principles that will help you solve any crisis or issue that is affecting your marriage and be able to handle it in the right way.


When a conflict in your marriage or relationship has been happening for quite some time now and you’re unable to resolve it as a couple, the following counselling principles might help you:

1. Principle One: Every marriage has the potential to improve and resolve any issues

The first thing that you should understand when it comes to marriage is that it can always improve. Of course, it will require commitment, dedication, time, and in many cases, couples therapy in order to learn how to create a healthy and constructive relationship but if you’re willing to put in what it takes to achieve balance in your marriage, then it will all be more than worth it.

In many cases, couples deal with many problems at the same time without trying to solve it one at a time which is what should be done. To resolve any marital or dating conflicts, focusing on one issue before dealing with another one is very important. With this, you can focus on one thing without being distracted or affected by other things.

For your marriage or relationship to improve, start by identifying the things that are most important and attending to them, then you can move on to the next ones. You should also learn positive ways of dealing with conflicts step by step and with the right amount of patience.

Know how to better improve your behaviour and you will see how your partner responds positively.

2. Principle two: Do ​​not deny or avoid the situation

Living with relationship issues, denying the existence of conflicts or justifying or excusing them won’t make them go away.

When a couple goes through any conflict, usually one of them wants to talk about the problem in order to improve the relationship but most of the time, the other will tend to avoid the situation. This type of denial creates in itself another problem as it can cause a surge of tensions as time passes. Therefore, recognizing the existence of conflicts in order to deal with them is healthy because it creates a way for the couple to address them properly.

3. Principle three: Look for resources that can provide solutions

Finding sources or tools that can give you ideas or new perspectives on how to overcome any conflict in a positive way can be very helpful. You can look at articles similar to this one, watch videos, get advice through books, materials, movies, couples therapy, etc.

The convenient thing about this is that when you are able to look for resources in the shortest possible time, you will avoid any anguish and will discover ways to deal with the situation that you’re currently in.

4. Fourth Principle: Take the initiative

If your partner is resistant or is making excuses in finding solutions to some of your problems, take the initiative to go through a marriage or relationship counselling. Start as soon as possible, do not let time pass.

To improve your marriage or relationship, you must make a firm decision to make efforts in that direction. Change is possible when action is taken, everything starts with a personal change and the determination to not settle for conflicts in your marriage.

The personal development and the growth of a couple will generate new forms of communication and different dynamics. This, in turn, will generate positive responses from the couple that can help improve their marriage.


  • Do not wait for your partner to take the first step in taking marriage counselling.
  • Keep in mind that you have personal things that can affect the relationship such as jealousy, control, machismo, radical feminism, etc.
  • Look inside yourself, be honest, and take the initiative to change those things that are not contributing anything good to your marriage
  • Remember that change is possible because learning both positive and negative behaviours is part of life
  • You can unlearn the negative things that do not contribute to your marriage and learn ways  to live a better life to improve your marriage
  • Do not let years pass by without overcoming the things that you can solve in just a few weeks or days
  • Be confident and remember that everything can improve if you are willing to take the necessary steps in that direction
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