NLP and language: the power of the word

NLP makes us much more aware of the language we use. Many times we do not realise how we speak to the world or how we speak to ourselves and ourselves. It is essential to analyse our language to understand and analsze what strategies or patterns motivate it , which will undoubtedly settle on those limiting beliefs that we talked about before.

How many times have you caught yourself saying things like: you are stupid, you are not capable, you are always the same, you never do anything right, you are there again … Would you really let the world tell you those things? All these statements are based on limiting beliefs that support this internal dialogue that is often difficult to get out of.

The language we use with our environment is also vitally important and tells us a lot about the strategies or patterns we follow. Do you always speak aggressively? Or are you a passive person who never gives your opinion? Do you always wait for the others to speak first? Is your verbal language and your non-verbal language coherent? It is essential to analyse how we relate to the environment, and that is also programmed in us . In addition, it is one of the elements that will most influence our personal success . By changing these strategies we can achieve a lot in terms of our personal and professional evolution, etc.

Analysing our mental strategies

NLP helps you evolve in an effective and above all direct way. Analysing the strategies that my thinking follows is not easy, since they are ordered sequences that my mind follows and that are often very fast and unconscious, and that often lead to us saying that we have done something “without thinking.” But this is not so. There has always been an already learned mental process by which we have done or said something (or we have not done it or we have not said it) .

Therefore, if we identify and are able to find the strategy we use in this area of ​​our life with which we have difficulties, we can vary it, and by using a different strategy we will achieve different consequences.

The same will happen when we determine what our limiting beliefs are, for example. We can replace them through NLP approaches with empowering beliefs and as a consequence they will stop producing the negative effects that they were producing in our lives until now.

Let’s imagine that we always get very nervous or nervous about the fact of speaking in public. Well, with NLP we can change the previous strategy and we can also anchor certain tools to that situation that will help us face it when it happens.

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 How does NLP help us?

  • Through NLP we discover the power that our unconscious has and we become much more aware of how to act and how to use it.
  • NLP identifies our behaviour patterns in different situations and helps us to improve in them, thus improving our quality of emotional, family or health life.
  • It teaches us the link between our verbal and non-verbal language and our thinking , and how the change in our communication will have an impact on our mental map.
  • It helps us to have a much clearer concept of ourselves as people and of our environment.
  • Through NLP we can change behaviours or ways of acting that annoy us or do not allow us to live or develop activities as we would like.

Let’s say that working with NLP reveals the possibility of us being the ones who dominate our mind , and stop acting on patterns or strategies that have been formulated by past experiences that make us always repeat the same pattern, as in most cases. Sometimes it is not the one we are looking for.

If you want to know more about work and personal development thanks to these Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, do not hesitate to get in touch .

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