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Services:Psychotherapy, NLP, Counselling, Hypnotherapy UK, online couples therapy

I offer help in the following areas:

  • Coaching as professional management consultancy (conflict management / crisis intervention)
  • Work disorders (blockades / burn-out / bullying)
  • Partner / family conflicts (therapy / counselling)
  • Life crises of various kinds (e.g. separation situations; bereavement; chronic illnesses / cancer; meaning / identity crises; abuse issues)
  • Fears (also phobias)
  • Depression, anxiety, panic attacks
  • Addiction problems (also media / online addiction)
  • psychosomatic complaints (including eating disorders)
  • sexual problems
  • social contact disorders (e.g. building / maintaining networks or avoiding or dealing with stigmatisation; stalking)
  • practical questions (e.g. development of the ability to act / autonomy)
  • Approaching changes in life / finding a perspective on life
  • Finding personal and social resources
  • Improvement of the general social and psychological situations
  • Online / Remote consultations across the UK
  • Face to face sessions in; London, Essex, East & West Sussex

In the sessions you can describe your problems and work out specific possible solutions with me. This includes focusing on personal resources and development potential. Depending on your wishes and the problem, you can work in a therapeutic, counselling or coaching form, where the methods and focus areas are adapted accordingly.

Experience has shown that the discussions already have an immediate relief effect. All content will of course be treated with the strictest confidentiality, as I am subject to professional confidentiality.

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Psychotherapy will help you manage your emotions and thoughts. It can help you adjust to changes in your life, overcome different personal crisis, have more self-esteem, achieve your goals and objectives, and cope up with the problems that you’re facing.

Do I need to do therapy?

Yes. It is important to take care of your psychological wellbeing and be attentive to the changes that may occur in your state of mind so you can act accordingly.

How does Therapy work?

Your therapist acts like a coach who will accompany you in the process of positive change and learning. You will be asked to talk openly about your worries so that the therapist can identify the causes of your discomfort and together, set goals that you can use improve yourself.

How long does a session last? How many do I need?

The sessions usually last about an hour but it can sometimes vary depending on the things that you and your therapist are trying to work out during that time.

Are my sessions confidential?

Yes. All the information gathered during the session is completely confidential. This is guaranteed by the ethical principles of Psychology.

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Hypnotherapy belongs to the field of scientific Psychology. Those who practice it are usually health professionals such as doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists or professionals trained in hypnotherapy.

Can clinical hypnosis leave a person "hooked" in a trance?

No, this is one of the biggest myths generated by the media. During the process of hypnotherapy, an individual never leaves their state of consciousness, so being “hooked” is highly unlikely.

Is hypnotherapy like being asleep?

Hypnosis does not always cause a dream-like state, nor does it show any special characteristics. It is simply unlocking the unconscious mind of a person in order to recall certain events and information in their lives.

Do you remove and nullify the control of a person?

In no way does a person becomes an automaton in the hands of a hypnotherapist. The are aware of what’s happening around them and they have full control of it.

Does hypnotherapy involve the use of drugs?

Not at all. The prescription of drugs is not linked to hypnotherapy, on the contrary, it promotes the reduction of the intake of drugs in order to solve a problem and continue to live a better life.

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NLP & Coaching

The combination of coaching with NLP techniques facilitates the development of skills to change a person’s habits, behaviours, and beliefs, eliminating the things that are stopping you from achieving emotional balance. It is a process that induces long-time changes in less amount of time.

What are the benefits of NLP?

It generates self-confidence, unlocks motivation and the deep desire to advance in one’s field, to achieve certain goals, develop skills, and become more competent. It is a different way of leading and managing resources that encourages commitment in order to achieve the full potential of a person.

What is the process of NLP?

The general process of NLP includes

  • Determining the objective
  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Finding available resources
  • Determining possible solutions
  • Action plan
  • Follow-up on the actions taken
How many NLP sessions should I take?

An NLP coaching process usually lasts between 3 and 5 sessions depending on the things that need to be worked on and the level of commitment of a person. This is mutually agreed by the therapist and the client though results can start showing up by the 2nd or 3rd session.

When is it useful to hire an NLP coach?

When you are in the process of change, when you want to achieve a goal, improve yourself, and see new perspectives in life.

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Counselling is a talking therapy and can be tailored to whatever life challenge you are facing, whether that is bereavement, realtionship or personal counselling. A counsellor can provide and safe and non judgemental space for you to talk openly trough the challenges you are facing.

How Can Counselling Help?

Counselling deals with  people who need support or help  to deal with relational or decision-making problems, through listening and specific interview techniques, supports you in finding your inner energies to start again.

How is counselling different to Psychotherapy?

Counselling deals with substantially healthy people who need support or help  to deal with relational or decision-making problems without the need for psychotherapeutic or pharmacological treatment that requires different skills and specialisations. 

What happens in a counselling session?

Counselling can be excellent when you are facing change in your life, through loss, stress or dramatic change. A counselling session helps you choose without choosing for you. It helps you to restart leaving you the responsibility of your steps in the key moments of your life.

Can I do online / remote counselling?

Yes you can, all services (Psychotherapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy & coaching) as well as counselling can all be offered online. Using services like Skype, Zoom and our own client software Doxy.

Just connect with me and we’ll set up a video chat or a telephone call if you prefer. Online talking therapies are as accessible as they need to be and distance is no limitation to getting the help and support you need.

How Do I Know if Therapy is Right for Me?

When you can’t find support from anyone around you or is afraid of making others worry, having someone you can sincerely and discretely talk to through therapy is very comforting. This is a way for you to take care of yourself.

Through this, you will know how to become more aware of the things around you, verbalize your fears, and achieve the goals that you have. You will understand yourself better and be on your way to personal recovery and development.

After separation or loss of a loved one

Learning how to deal with the pain and consequences of separation or loss can help you overcome the negative emotions that come with it and be on your way to healing.

Overcoming dissatisfaction

Therapy can help you not be consumed by your feeling of dissatisfaction from not having made a correct decision due to either obligations or routine activities.

When you put others before you

Putting the needs of others before yours can greatly decrease your self-esteem. Learn how to set limits so that you can give yourself what you deserve.

Knowing how to handle your emotions

Emotions can sometimes be very destructive especially if you hide or avoid them. Learning how to express your emotions and regulate them can give you a happier life.

Resolving problems in your relationships

If there is some kind of problem that happens again and again in your relationship and its starting to create a wall between you and your other half, you need to seek the guidance of a trained professional in order to resolve your differences.

Overcoming stress and anxiety

Therapy helps you have a better vision in life until such time that you feel that stress and anxiety are no longer your enemies, they are normal emotions but you can harness them in order to make yourself better and braver.

To boost your self-esteem

You need to understand that nothing good ever comes out from saying negative things to yourself. You need to improve the way you think about yourself so you can achieve more goals.

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