Is an online life coaching session as effective as a life coaching session in person? My answer is clear and unequivocal:  online life coaching is as effective as life coaching face to face.

How does an online life coaching session work?

When making the first contact with a client, before making an appointment you can choose to have a coaching session in person at your place our one of our locations or you can choose an online coaching session. For an online (virtual) life or executive coaching session, technology is our ally. 

  • the telephone quite simply, which allows us to really focus on the voice and “hear” rather than just listen. The client can indulge in certain confidences that they might not have given me so easily face to face. How can you perceive the emotions of your client (e) during telephone coaching. Well, as a voice enthusiast, I can hear the breaths, the silences, the tremolos, the joys. I listen actively, with kindness, and it works!
  • video  is offered if a person also wishes eye contact and that personal connectivity that comes from seeing the other party, I can provide the session via Messenger, Skype (to be downloaded and tested by the client before the session) or Zoom (to be downloaded and tested by the client before the session). If the technical test is conclusive in terms of communication quality, we continue. Otherwise the sessions will be done by telephone only. Note: it is essential to have a good network or to be able to set up connection sharing for the session to be smooth.

I invite the client to a video at the scheduled time. It is essential to carry out the sessions in a quiet environment, at a time when no one will disturb you. Payment is made for the session before the scheduled start time.

Virtual Life Coaching

What are the benefits of online life coaching:

  • flexibility in terms of time management (you can make an appointment at lunchtime for example, or make the appointment even if your car does not start)
  • fuel economy if you live far away (and yes, let’s think of our planet!)
  • the possibility of benefiting from our specific skills even if you live very far from the areas I provide face to face consultations or do not have a vehicle.
  • germs don’t circulate online, and we can talk to each other even when there are health concerns (think pandemic).

So what is the difference between an online life coaching session and a life coaching session in our office?

Both are based on the same dynamic. The content of the support is the same, only the means of communication change. In both cases, I use proven support methods ( NLP , Transactional Analysis , active listening , etc.) to help the person solve problems and achieve goals.

WHO is concerned with online life coaching?

Potentially, everyone involved in life coaching and job coaching. That is to say all the people who aim to:

  • Become more assertive and regain individual balance
  • Optimise their professional life and use their potential
  • Motivate themselves because they are “in decline”
  • Have better self-esteem
  • Better manage over time
  • Learn to say no, to set limits
  • Find a job quickly
  • Ensure their professional retraining
  • Stop running away from conflicts
  • Know each other better
  • Regain self-confidence
  • Overcome their shyness
  • Better manage their emotions
  • Make decisions more easily
  • Optimising their managerial skills…  
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